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What's New for 2019 at Barnhart & Son Lofts?


Looking ahead, here are some additions to the breeding loft for the 2019 breeding season:


1. Two whites, a Houben cock from Sal Hernandez and the other is a hen from Bob Moschel and is down from the Jeff Lamberton whites on one side and Protege Loft's "Smittie" on the other side.

2. A pair of milky blue bars from John Ferber.

3. A couple more "Moby Dick" whites and grizzles from Gus Hernandez.

4. An indigo check and a homozygous indigo bar from Bob Moschel, the former primarily Schellens and the latter an inbred descendant of Gallo Lofts' famous hen "Venus".

5. Three grandchildren of "Campbell", obtained directly from Ken Christopher.



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