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What's New for 2023 at Barnhart & Son Lofts?


Here are some additions to the breeding loft that will be in effect for the 2023 breeding season:


1. Two recessive opal cockbirds from David Stephenson of Kastle Lofts in KY. Both are Gaby Van denAbeele and will be crossed into my own family of opals.

2. "Godzilla", a large blue check cock also from Kastle Lofts. He and his offspring have impressive race records so as soon as I learned he was available I bought him. He is mated to a 2016 indigo check hen that was never flown but has made a name for herself in my breeding loft.

3. Two late hatch brown hens from the loft of Jason Sieveking one of which is a full sister of his champion bird of the combine in 2021 and also a sister to the brown hen he sent me last year.

4. One of the "leftover" birds from the Hoosier Classic. He flew all four races and came home among the top 25% on the final race. The folks from the Hoosier Classic make those birds that the breeders did not claim after the final race available to some of the nearby clubs for fundraiser auctions. This one came to me via the Crossroads Racing Pigeon Club fundraiser. No pedigree but I do know where he came from and that is fine with me.


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