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What's New for 2017 at Barnhart & Son Lofts?

Looking ahead, here are some additions to the loft for the 2017 breeding season.

1. Three new hens for the breeding loft: two blue bars from Garfield Brothers in Utah, and an indigo hen purchased on iPigeon.

2. Four young Dragoons from my good friend Joel Kinkade, which will be used to inject some additional hybrid vigor into my old family.

3. A pair of "Moby Dick" whites, and 2 white squeakers that will have to be held several months before they will be ready to breed.

4. Five more pair, for a total of eight pair, of American Giant Homers. This is the breed I raised from the time I was 13 years old until the early 1990's. I decided to get back into this breed after some old friends from the American Giant Homer Association gave me two pairs a few years ago.



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