"Snoop Chris" was a very dark dominant opal check, actually appearing to be an ordinary blue check. The dominant opal is only visible when viewing him up close, where some bronzing is apparent in the checks, and some lightening is seen in the tail bar and in the veins of the tail feathers. His father was almost a pink bar, as was his half-brother. He raised young dominant opals that are similar to him, in that they look almost like an ordinary blue, and he has also raised children that are nearly white bars and white checkers. His mother was a dark check Huysken-VanRiehl from Al Greenwald, and his father a Janssen/Fabry cross down from birds from Greenwald, Larry Long (the source of the dominant opal), and Fred Gohlke. "Snoop Chris" won a first at 200 miles, a second at 125 miles, and a third at 100 miles. He was retired to the stock loft and died from natural causes a few years ago.

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