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The following birds are available for sale at this time. They are priced so the average person can afford them. So don't pass up some good birds just because they're not priced at several hundred dollars each. If you're at the other end of the financial spectrum, you need to realize that these are pedigreed animals and not street pigeons. The day of the five-or-ten-dollar pigeon is long gone. They are priced so I can receive some reasonable return on the investment I have made in feed, time caring for them, etc.

What is a pigeon really worth? The value of a pigeon depends on three factors, and you can read about them here.

You will find some rare-colored birds among those listed. It is important to remember that we are a FLYING loft, not a COLOR loft. Our rare colors are required to fly right with the other birds. We sell youngsters that we raise out of our flyers, but we will seldom sell the rare-colored flyers themselves because we will be using them later as breeders.

I am selling pigeons, not paper, but almost all of those listed below have extensive pedigrees. I will provide whatever pedigree information I have on each bird listed. Feel free to email me and request an electronic copy of the pedigree of any bird listed here.

PLEASE NOTE: The USPS has recently hit us with asignificant increase in postal rates, in some cases almost double what they had been. Therefore, if birds are to be shipped to you (shipping to destinations in the USA only), the shipping charge will be as follows: $70 for one or two birds, $120 for 3 or 4 birds, $175 for 5 or 6 birds, and $200 for 7 or 8 birds to cover the cost of postage and a special USPS-approved shipping box. (Larger boxes not only cost more, but they also mean even more weight, hence the major jump in shipping costs as the number of birds increases.) More than 4 birds will require a second box, and shipping on American Giant Homers (when available) will incur a 25% surcharge due to the additional weight of the much larger birds.

Payment can be made via money order (I do not accept personal checks) or you can use Visa or Mastercard by clicking on the Paypal logo below. Paypal is preferred.

If description of bird is underlined, click on it to see a picture. Or you can click on the thumbnail for a larger photo.

You can contact us by clicking here.






























Racing Homers

(See bottom of page for other breeds)


Lot #
Bird Information
Click Thumbnail for larger image
1. 2017 blue check cock carrying reduced, no. 7068. Besides carrying reduced he also carries recessive opal and there is a 50% probability that he will also carry barless. He is out of a 2010 blue bar Janssen hen that is the daughter of of an AU Registered Champion. Sire is a reduced checker cock that was raised by another cock that carries reduced and that flew 100, 100, 120 as a young bird prior to being stocked. Price: $100

2013 blue bar cock no. MVS 864. Sire is "The Y2K Cock", one of my best breeders of the 2010's decade. "Y2K" was never flown but is out of a pair of birds from Ganus Family Lofts, with "Sure Bet" and "Golden Mattens" in his lineage. "Rocket", "Sure Bet" and "Gold Mine" are among Y2K's dam's lineage. Dam of 864 is an AU Champion whose sire is an AU Elite Champion and who is also a half-sister to 2 AU Registered Champions and 3 AU Elite Champions. Full Pedigree. Price: $200.

Click here to see pedigree.

3. Here is a very nice blue bar cock, no. 276 LIMA, hatched in early May, that carries the gene for reduced. Sex is guaranteed, AND the pedigree shows some past performance. Sire is 4741-14, a nestmate to a race winner. 4741 himself flew 100 twice and 120 as a young bird, placing in the top 10% on the 120 prior to being stocked as a yearling. 4741 is approximately half Blue Miracle Janssen and his mother is a granddaughter of "Heisenberg", my best flyer of the early 2000's. Dam of 276 is a granddaughter of 4741 on one side and the granddaughter of an AU Registered Champion on the other side. Price: $75
4 Here is an early June hatch blue bar cock, no. 342. This pigeon is a large speciman and is a blend of Houben and VandenAbeele. In late summer of last year, I visited an 87-year-old friend of mine ("Ron") who had decided that it was finally time to retire from the sport after over 70 years. He did not want to sell things piecemeal; he wanted to sell everything at once, including birds, feeders, waterers, traps, training crates, etc. As it turned out, this was not so easy to do since most of the established flyers did not have room, even though they knew they would be getting some real quality birds. So he offered me a really good deal on some of the breeders as long as I took seveal pair. Even though my loft was full and there was no room for more breeders, I wanted to help him out, so I agreed to take five pair. I got off to a late start with them this year, and most of the young were hatched after my young bird team was already full. But I did raise a dozen late hatches that I wanted available to use as breeders next year if I needed them. Ron's birds were all either Vandenabeele, Houben, or crosses of the two. This family was very successful for Ron, as evidenced by the fact that a few years earlier he had won the prestigious GNEO futurity TWICE in three years. As is the case with many of the oldtimers, he did not have detailed pedigrees on many of them, although I did get pedigrees on some of the foundation birds that he had purchased several years ago. So this pigeon comes with a pedigree showing only his parents, as is the case with the bird listed right below in lot no. 5. Price: $75

Here's another early June hatch blue bar no. NPA 310 ADC. I missed banding him in time so I put an oversized band on him for record-keeping purposes. He is from the same group of birds I purchased from my friend (see above) but is out of a different pair. This one is also fairly large, so I am assuming "he" is a cock, although in the hand he looks and feels like a hen, so maybe we are dealing with a large hen. Again, a Houben/VandenAbeele blend, just like the GNEO winners cited above. Pedigree limited to information on the parents only. Price: $75

6. 2016 blue bar cock no. 418 DEISHER. This pigeon is pure Creator line, but I have no documentation on his sire; hence the pedigree is incomplete on the sire's side. So...here's the story: He was supposed to be out of a reduced cock, but apparently does not carry reduced. He was bred in a community loft with a reduced cock and his dam, but there were three other pairs as well, all of which were of the Creator line. So since he doesn't carry the gene for reduced, simple statistics says he has to be illegitimate via one of the Creator cocks, but we don't know which cock is actually his sire. So he can be considered full Creator family, but don't have a band no. of his sire. This bird is very productive and he has sired over a dozen young for us over the past 3 seasons. Price: $100
7. 2014 blue bar cock no. 4921, carries the genes for barless and dilute. 4921 was set back for breeding and he did not disappoint; that's why we still have him. But it's time for a loft reduction and obviously they can't all stay. The is a solid, medium-sized cock that you are sure to like. Although he and his parents have not been flown, his pedigree shows winners on both sides. On his sire's side is 4058-04 "The Iceman", who was a 300-mile winner, as well as 1408, a yellow bar cock who flew 6 races out to 250 miles. 4921 is mostly Janssen with a touch of Van Loon on his sire's side. His dam was obtained as a squeaker from Perfection Loft in Wichita, KS and was saved for breeding. Her sire was "Man-0-War's Soldier" who is an AU Elite Champion and 2-time Hall of Fame winner. Dam's side is mostly Flor Engels. Price: $50
8. 2019 true silver hen no. 12732. Also called a dun check, this beautiful little hen carries the gene for recessive yellow, which is evidenced by the gold patch on her crop. Because it is so prominent I suspect there are other strange factors at play here as well. This year she was mated to a recessive yellow cock and raised 4 young, 3 of which were yellows and the 4th was a dun check like her, which was recently sold on this website. 12732 was raised by my friend Steven Ly of Wisconsin out of a dun check cock I raised. The dun check cock is a double grandson of "The Iceman", a barless ash red cock that was the winner of a 300-mile race, and both his grandmothers are down from quality Janssens as noted on the pedigree. 12732's mother was a dilute indigo that is Baldwin HVR and Lou Coletto HVR. Fulll pedigree on sire's side, mother and grandparents only on dam's side. Price: $100
9. May hatch blue bar hen no. 299 that carries the gene for milky. She is supposed to be mostly VandenAbeele, but I have no documentation. I obtained both parents from others who did not have current pedigrees on either of them. Sire is a blue bar from John Ferber and dam is a milky from Jason Gelder. This is a very nice little hen that will look even better once she is completely moulted out. Price: $25.
10. July hatch slate no 393. This is full Creator, with both parents bred by Ron Deisher. Sire is listed above in lot no. 6. This pigeon has given me no indication as to its sex; based on looks and feel, I would guess a hen, but many of the Creator cocks do look like hens. Therefore, no guarantee as to the sex of this bird and it is being offered "as is". As obvious from the photo, it is in the middle of the moult and will look much nicer once the moult is completed. Limited pedigree on sire's side; full pedigree on dam's side. Price will increase once sex is determined and the molt is finished, so now is the time to pick up a true bargain bird. Price: $25 ;




Dragoons and Giant Homers


Lot #
Bird Information
Click Thumbnail for larger image
0. Dragoons and American Giant Homers occasionally for sale. When they are available they will be listed in this section. UNFORTUNATELY, THERE WILL BE NO DRAGOONS AVAILABLE PRIOR TO MID-2021 AFTER I HAVE RAISED A NEW CROP OF YOUNGSTERS AND SORTED THEM OUT. What few that might become available prior to that time will be posted here at a later date.
1. American Giant Homers - I have 3 pair of American Giant Homers for sale at $150 a pair or $400 for all 3 pair, plus shipping. They consist of (1)an ash red bar cock/blue bar hen; (2)an almond cock/T-pattern hen; and (3) a blue bar/wf cock that carries the gene for recessive white/white hen (approx. half the young will be whites). These are my last three pair of Giants and are of superior quality. Serious inquiries only, please.



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