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The following birds are available for sale at this time. They are priced so the average person can afford them. So don't pass up some good birds just because they're not priced at several hundred dollars each. If you're at the other end of the financial spectrum, you need to realize that these are pedigreed animals and not street pigeons. The day of the five-dollar pigeon is long gone. They are priced so I can receive some reasonable return on the investment I have made in feed, time caring for them, etc.

What is a pigeon really worth? The value of a pigeon depends on three factors, and you can read about them here.

You will find some rare-colored birds among those listed. It is important to remember that we are a FLYING loft, not a COLOR loft. Our rare colors are required to fly right with the other birds. We sell youngsters that we raise out of our flyers, but we will seldom sell the rare-colored flyers themselves because we will be using them later as breeders.

I am selling pigeons, not paper, but almost all of those listed below have extensive pedigrees. I will provide whatever pedigree information I have on each bird listed. Feel free to email me and request an electronic copy of the pedigree of any bird listed here.

PLEASE NOTE: The last few years have seen significant increases in postal rates. Therefore, if birds are to be shipped to you (shipping to destinations in the USA only), the shipping charge will be as follows: $60 for one bird, $70 for two birds, $90 for 3 or 4 birds, $115 for 5 or 6 birds, and $125 for 7 or 8 birds to cover the cost of postage and a special USPS-approved shipping box. (Larger boxes not only cost more, but they also mean even more weight, hence the jump in shipping costs as the number of birds increases.) More than 8 birds will require a second box, and shipping on American Giant Homers (when available) will incur a 50% surcharge due to the additional weight of the much larger birds.

Payment can be made via money order (I do not accept personal checks) or you can use Visa or Mastercard by clicking on the Paypal logo below. Paypal is preferred.

If description of bird is underlined, click on it to see a picture. Or you can click on the thumbnail for a larger photo.

You can contact us by clicking here.






























Racing Homers


Lot #
Bird Information
Click Thumbnail for larger image
  Christmas special: Now through December 25, 2017, receive 25% off any of the 2017 birds listed below. This applies to any 2017 bird ordered and paid for by the 25th.  
1. 2013 blue bar Houben hen no. 3066. She flew four races out to 180 miles as a young bird, winning diplomas at 100(5th) and 120(3rd). In 2015 I moved her to the breeding loft after she was injured training. She currently has a son on my YB team and also has an offspring entered in the prestigious GNEO futurity in Ohio. This was a hard decision, but I absolutely must cut back on my numbers, so I reluctantly am offering her for sale here. This is a very nice, medium-sized pigeon that handles well and you will love her once you have her. Price Reduced: $100
2. 2016 blue grizzle Wegge cock. Unflown himself, but his full brother flew out to 300 miles. MacCauley/Mayan Wegge out of a pair of Dixie-Buckeye birds purchased in a charity auction online. He looks a bit rough right now due to the fact that he was broken up recently and went right into a moult. Children are on my current flying team, as well as in futurity races. Limited pedigree. Price reduced: $75
3. July hatch 2017 blue check hen, no. 7253. Both parents carry the gene for recessive opal, so there is a 67% probability that she will carry it also. Sire is HVR/VanHee, and he flew 3 races out to 180 miles as a YB, prior to being moved to the breeding loft as a yearling. Dam is Janssen on one side and an Aarden cross on the other. Dam is also the granddaughter of an AU Registered Champion and the half-sister to a race winner. Full pedigree. Price: $25.

June 1st hatch grizzle houben, no. 7290. Solidly built pigeon of medium size. Appears to be a hen, but no guarantee as to the sex. This is out of the Houben hen listed as lot no. 1 above. Dam flew out to 180 miles as a YB, with two top-five diplomas. Sire was purchased from Sal Hernandez of California and is out of a pair of birds directly from David Clausing. Pedigree back to seven of the eight great grandparents. Price: $100

5.  2013 blue bar hen, no. WHC 113. Purchased from John Beeson of Perfection Lofts in Kansas via Pigeonauctions.com. Sire is "Man of War's Soldier", 2-time HOF winner and AU Elite Champion. This is a rather small hen that has raised me 14 youngsters over the past few years. We also have several grandchildren that have flown for us and that have been sent out to futurities. She does have a crooked keel, but that has no effect on her breeding ability. I purchased her as a young bird and would still have her on my breeding list except for the serious need to downsize. Nice little hen that comes with the original pedigree from Perfection Lofts. Priced to sell. Price: $75
6. May hatch blue bar/wf cock no. 7167 that carries both reduced and recessive white. Sire is a powerful white cock obtained when someone was getting out of pigeons and needed a place for them. He has no pedigree but looks to be a pretty good bird, handles very well and is an excellent parent, so I let him mate with one of my good reduced hens. Dam is from a family of reduced homers that have been bred for flying. She is down from "Heisenberg" and is heavy in Janssen blood. Pedigree on dam's side only. Price reduced: $25
7. June hatch blue bar no. 7260, appears to be a hen but cannot guarantee sex. Sire was on our flying team as a young bird and flew 100, 100, and 120 miles, placing in top 10% at 120 miles. Grandsire on this side is heavy in the genes of Blue Miracle and Granger's Diamond; grandmother is down from "Heisenberg". Dam of 7260 is unflown but out of an AU Registered Champion hen when mated to "The Y2K cock", one of my best breeding cocks. Full pedigree. Price: $50
8. 2015 blue grizzle hen no. 5191, full sister to the number 2 cock above. Unflown herself, but her younger brother flew out to 300 miles. MacCauley/Mayan Wegge out of a pair of Dixie-Buckeye birds purchased in a charity auction online. She currently has two youngsters entered in the GNEO futurity here in Ohio. Limited pedigree. Price reduced: $75
9. June hatch blue bar no. 7217. Appears to be a cock, but no guarantee. Grandparents include a son of "Heisenberg" as well as two AU Elite Champions from John Beeson's Perfection Loft in Kansas. Sire is a son of "Man-o-War's Sodier", who is an AU Elite Champion and Hall of Fame winner in two categories. Dam is out of a son of Heisenberg and an AU Elite Champion I obtained directly from Perfection Loft. Full pedigree. Price reduced: $50
10. Gorgeous 2015 barless blue cock no. 5123. He carries the gene for cherry (red phase recessive opal). He is a great handling pigeon who just oozes with "class". I wish I could find room for him in the breeding loft, but have to make some really difficult choices as to what to keep. To quote an old cliche: "My loss is your gain." You will love this pigeon! We raised just one youngster out of him this year, and it was a cherry (We didn't breed from him in 2016). On his father's side, he is down from my winning family of recessive opals and also from the Australian barless pair mentioned above, and is the brother to diploma winners. On his dam's side he comes from the same winning family of opals and the Australian barless pair, but also goes back to "The Iceman", a barless ash red 300-mile winner. Full pedigree. Price: $200
11. Sale Pending June hatch blue bar no. 7401. Appears to be a cock. I cannot guarantee sex at this time but if indeed a cock he carries the gene for reduced. Dam is a granddaughter of Heisenberg and is at least half Janssen. Sire is a grandson of HOF cock and AU Elite Champion "Man-O-War's Soldier." Full pedigree. Price: $100
12. July hatch blue bar hen, no. 7269. Sire is a "cherry" (red phase recessive opal) cock that carries the gene for barless. He is unflown but is the brother to several birds that have flown for us. He is down from my own family of opals that have produced diploma winners as well as "Snake River", and opal laced cock that won 1st at 200 miles. Dam is a blue check/WF who is the daughter of an AU Registered Champion. A half-sister of 7269 was 5th vs 102 birds in the 2013 MVS auction race, and her half-brother won the 2013 Mount Airy auction race. This pigeon looks like she might carry the gene for barless. Price: $50
14. Red Check Houben cock AU 2013 AA 43413 bred by Dennis Doyle of Texas. He bred a 4th-place diploma winner in 2014. Traces back to David Clausing’s “410". I only raised a handful of young from him in 2015 and just 2 in 2016 and 1 in 2017, which was a late hatch and therefore was never flown. The two 2016 birds were sent out to futurities and one of them placed 20th in the MVS auction race. The 2015 birds were either sold or sent to futurities as well. Unfortunately the 2015 YB season was cancelled in Ohio and the 2015's never got a chance to prove themselves. Price reduced: $100
16. 2015 "Cherry" (red phase recessive opal) cock. Since his sire carries barless there is a 50% chance this pigeon carries barless, but we have not yet produced any from him. But we have never had him mated to a barless hen, either. His sire is out of a cherry cock and a blue barless hen, both of which placed first in their classes at the 2011 National Young Bird Show. This pigeon goes back to an imported pair of barless from Australia on both sides. Dam also goes back to my foundation family of recessive opals which produced "Snake River", a spread opal 200-mile winner. Full pedigree. Price: $100
17. May hatch "white grizzle" (actually a very light red grizzle) hen, no. 7193. Parents are a beautiful pure white cock and a blue check pied hen, neither with pedigrees. The dam, however, flew several races, including the prestigious Ohio Classic Race in 2013. She was also 2nd @ 150 as a YB. Sire is unflown. No pedigree. Price: $25
18. 2017 Almond cock, no. 7010. He flew no races but was trained out to 50 miles before being set aside for stock. As it turned out, I don't need him as a breeder and am now offering him for sale at a price equal to about half his true worth. His sire is an "Electric Czech" bred by No Mercy lofts, and is Son of "King of Darkness". "King of Darkness" was 2011 Champion bird of club & 2nd Champion bird of combine. 1st comb 150m, 2nd comb 211m, 5th comb 153m, 7th comb 211m, 7th comb 277m, 8th comb 151m. Also 1st bird home 5 races in a row; and a hen who is a is full sister to "King Czech" and raised 2010 5th combine bird of the year and several more combine winners. Dam of 7010 is an almond hen I raised out of a grandson of "Heisenberg" and a pure HVR hen from Lighthouse Lofts in New York. 7010 was bred for flying, but if you are looking for good color in almonds, this is your guy as well. His ground color is nearly perfect, and he will become more heavily flecked as he goes through consecutive moults. In another two years he will be so heavily flecked that you will not recognize him. Price: $200
19. May hatch "Schwarztiger" almond, no. 7275. This is a relatively large pigeon that looks like a cock but handles like a hen. My guess would be that it is a hen, but sex is not guaranteed. She is bred from two flyers: Her sire is an almond bred by me, and he flew five races out to 180 miles prior to being moved to the stock loft. Sire is over 50% HVR and dam is a Janssen cross. Dam flew out to 300 miles as a young bird for Steve Jenkins. She is listed below. Price: $75

2013 blue check hen, Janssen cross, flew out to 300 miles. Dam flew 600 miles. I purchased this as a young bird from Steve Jenkins ("Dixie-Buckeye") after the 2013 YB season and have bred from her every year since then, with good results. I am offering her now simply because I need to cut down on breeders. Price reduced: $75.




Dragoons and Giant Homers


Lot #
Bird Information
Click Thumbnail for larger image
0. Dragoons and American Giant Homers occasionally for sale. When they are available they will be listed in this section. UNFORTUNATELY, THERE WILL BE NO DRAGOONS AVAILABLE PRIOR TO THE FALL OF 2018.


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