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The following birds are available for sale at this time. They are priced so the average person can afford them. So don't pass up some good birds just because they're not priced at several hundred dollars each. If you're at the other end of the financial spectrum, you need to realize that these are pedigreed animals and not street pigeons. The day of the five-dollar pigeon is long gone. They are priced so I can receive some reasonable return on the investment I have made in feed, time caring for them, etc.

What is a pigeon really worth? The value of a pigeon depends on three factors, and you can read about them here.

You will find some rare-colored birds among those listed. It is important to remember that we are a FLYING loft, not a COLOR loft. Our rare colors are required to fly right with the other birds. We sell youngsters that we raise out of our flyers, but we will seldom sell the rare-colored flyers themselves because we will be using them later as breeders.

I am selling pigeons, not paper, but almost all of those listed below have extensive pedigrees. I will provide whatever pedigree information I have on each bird listed. Feel free to email me and request an electronic copy of the pedigree of any bird listed here.

PLEASE NOTE: The USPS has recently hit us with asignificant increase in postal rates, in some cases almost double what they had been. Therefore, if birds are to be shipped to you (shipping to destinations in the USA only), the shipping charge will be as follows: $70 for one or two birds, $120 for 3 or 4 birds, $175 for 5 or 6 birds, and $200 for 7 or 8 birds to cover the cost of postage and a special USPS-approved shipping box. (Larger boxes not only cost more, but they also mean even more weight, hence the major jump in shipping costs as the number of birds increases.) More than 4 birds will require a second box, and shipping on American Giant Homers (when available) will incur a 25% surcharge due to the additional weight of the much larger birds.

Payment can be made via money order (I do not accept personal checks) or you can use Visa or Mastercard by clicking on the Paypal logo below. Paypal is preferred.

If description of bird is underlined, click on it to see a picture. Or you can click on the thumbnail for a larger photo.

You can contact us by clicking here.






























Racing Homers

(See bottom of page for other breeds)


Lot #
Bird Information
Click Thumbnail for larger image
1. July hatch blue check no. 9081. This is a fairly large pigeon that I would guess is a cock, but sex is not guaranteed. Sire is an ash red that appears to also be "cherry", which is red phase recessive opal. Sire carries dilute, so if this is a cock, he will also carry that gene. Dam is a daughter of "Snake River", a 200-mile winner with an additional diploma (2nd) at 130 miles. "Snake River" was mated to "1088" who was bred by Ron Pairan from his South Africa family. Dam also carries the gene for recessive opal, so there is a high probability that 9081 will also carry it. Full pedigree. Price: $50.
2. July hatch grizzle cock no. 9070, Sire is pure long-distance Wegge and has flown 11 races out to 300 miles. Dam flew 100 miles as a young bird and came back injured, so she was held back from additional flying. Her father was flown out to 180 miles and was then moved to the breeding loft as a yearling. Full pedigree. Price reduced: $50
3. 2018 barless ash red cock no. 8319. THIS PIGEON IS A TRUE BARLESS, NOT A SPREAD ASH. He carries the genes for brown and also for dilute. He in inbred on "The Iceman", another barless ash red who is a 300-mile winner. Also behind him is 1408, a yellow bar son of The Iceman who flew six races out to 250 miles with several top ten finishes. We can afford to let 8319 go after just one year in the breeding loft because we have a son who will replace him in 2020. Price: $150
4. 2012 recessive red "Hollywood" cock no. 2027. Bred by Swaney Acre Loft out of "Red Baron" and "Holly", both from Ron Deisher's PDQ Loft in southern Illinois. Both parents are heavily inbred to "Hollywood" himself. Swaney Acre also had - and still has - a family of "Creator" birds that came from Ron Deisher as well. The Creator line crossed extremely well with the Hollywood family, producing several race winners and diploma birds over the last 8-10 years. Price: $100
5. Extremely rare blue grizzle almond cock no, 8152. This pigeon is a July 2018 hatch bred from my flying team. Sire is a homozygous blue grizzle (most would call him a "white grizzle"), pure Wegge, that has flown nine races out to 300 miles. Dam is an almond HVR cross, approximately 3/4 HVR and 1/4 Janssen who flew 100 and 130 as a young bird but was not shipped as a yearling and is in the stock loft this year. Price: $75
6. Strong, robust 2018 silver cock no. 8594 that carries dilute and cherry, and maybe barless as well, since his dam carried it. Sire was a cherry that was unflown but whose siblings and half-siblings flew for me, some of whom won diplomas. Dam was a yellow bar, which means he must carry dilute. Price: $50
7. June hatch blue check pied no. 9027. My best guess is this is a hen but sex is not guaranteed. Sire is a full brother to the bird listed above in lot no. 6, and his background can be found up there. Dam is out of "Snake River"a spread recessive opal cock that as a young bird was 1st club @ 200 miles one week and 1st to loft and 4th club @ 130 miles the following week prior to being stocked as a yearling. Dam's mother was bred by Ron Pairan, "AU Legend of the Sport", out of his SAMDPR family. Price: $50

"The Half Saddle" -June hatch indigo pied hen no. 9040 bred from my flyers. Almost perfect saddle-marked on the left side, but nearly pure white on the right side. This bird's sire is a white that is aprroximately 3/4 Delbar with some Janssen and Ganus Grizzle on his sire's side. Dam is an indigo bar that is a granddaughter of "Heisenberg", my foundation Janssen cock who was also my top flyer in the early 2000's. Her sire is a son of Heisenberg and her dam is an indigo from Bob Moschel with a fair amount of Gallo blood in her background.Sire flew 130 and 140 miles; dam flew 130 miles. This is a medium-sized, somewhat stocky hen that looks even fuller due to just having been fed prior to the picture. Full pedigree. Price: $50

9. July hatch blue bar cock no. 9033, carries the gene for reduced. Sire is reduced and dam is a black. Dam carries recessive opal, so this bird might carry opal as well. Dam is a granddaughter of "Snake River", a 200-mile winner, on one side and AU 06 FM 706, an AU Registered Champion. on the other side. Sire is a grandson of "6028", who flew in the 2016 YB series prior to moving to stock loft. 6028 is down several generations from "Blue Miracle" and several other flyers. Full pedigree. Price: $50
10. 2018 qualmond cock no. 8327. This is a pigeon I had held back for breeding, but the old hen he was mated to failed to lay this year. I have two siblings on my current YB team. Sire was bred by Ron Pairan and is out of one of Ron's many AU Registered Champions. Dam is a qualmond I raised and she flew 100 twice and 130 once as a young bird prior to being stocked as a yearling. She is out of a "faded" cock I purchased from Carl Paystrup that is out of an AU Marathon Ace pigeon when mated to a runner-up AU Marathon Ace. Price: $100
11. 2015 almond hen AU 15 WCOF 5027. She was a late hatch and therefore unflown, but several of her siblings have flown as well as several of her ancestors on her sire's side; not sure of her dam's side because I don't have the flying records on that side. A son is on my current old bird team. "4012" on pedigree is "Heisenberg" my best flyer this century. See pedigree here for more information. She has been in the breeding loft the past four years and now I need to reduce numbers so I am going to let her go to make room for others. Price: $150
12. SOLDHere is a very late hatch 2017 dark check cock no. 6539 that is wearing a 2016 band. Needless to say, he is unflown, but he is loaded with the genes of "Heisenberg", a big Janssen cock that was by far my best flyer since 2000. 6539 is out of a brother x sister mating, so the inbreeding becomes apparent in the fact that he is a relatively small cock. However, both parents are normal size. Full Pedigree. Price reduced: $50 - Sold (KW)
13. 2016 Meuleman cock no. 16092 no. RPUSA 16092, bred by Michael Sohrdahl, RacingPigeonUSA. Fully pedigreed and goes back to several birds from The Netherlands and Belgium via CBS and Oak Haven Farms. I obtained this bird and his mate in a trade about a year ago but have not bred from them due to space limitations. I wanted to use them in 2020 but have decided to let them go. (His mate is a blue bar pied that carries the gene for recessive red. If you are interested in purchasing them as a pair, please contact me. The price quoted here is for the cock only.) Price: $200 (Or combine with the hen in lot no. 16 below and buy the pair for $300.)
14. July hatch yellow check hen no. 297. Approximately half HVR, this is a perfectly proportioned medium-sized hen that handles extremely well. Sire is a yellow check that has flown out to 300 miles and is a full brother of a race winner. Dam was also flown extensively and is out of a race winner. 297 is wearing an NPA band because she was missed being banded as a squeaker. Should she not sell here, there is a good chance she will go into my breeding loft fo 2020. Full pedigree on sire's side only. Price: $75
15. May hatch indigo cock no. 9019. Sire is a recessive red "Hollywood" cock, out of "Red Baron" and "Holly", both bred by Ron Deisher. Dam is an andalusian who carries the gene for recessive red and has at least two AU Registered Champions in her pedigree. She is also down from my Heisenberg Janssen family on her sire's side. This is going to be a large bird and he already fills up both hands, but at the same time handles extremely well. Indigo is know to enhance recessive red, so if you like recessive red here is a great opportunity to add more flying genes and enhance the color as well. Priced at about half his true value. Full pedigree. Price: $75
16. 2016 Meuleman hen no. RPUSA 16150, bred by Michael Sohrdahl, RacingPigeonUSA. Fully pedigreed and goes back to several birds from the Hackemer Meulemans, along with other great names as well as British and Dutch imports. Sire is a brother of a 300-mile winner. Dam is down from a 300-mile winner. This is the mate of the cock listed in lot 13 above. Price: $200 (Combine with the cock above and you can purchase the pair for $300.)
17. 2014 blue bar cock no. 4922. Performance pedigree. Although parents did not fly, all four grandparents were flown with maternal grandsire being an AU Elite Champion. Paternal grandsire flew 6 races out to 250 miles. Blue Miracle Janssen, Ken Christopher Vanloon, and my own “Iceman”, a 300-mile winner, on sire’s side; John Beeson’s Perfection Loft on dam’s side. Dam is also the mother of a race winner. This pigeon carries the gene for barless. Click here to see pedigree. Price: $100
18. 2017 red splash cock no. 7421. This pigeon is a pure long-distance Delbar down from the Dutch imports made by CBS several years ago. They were down from a family of 500- and 600-mile birds with numerous wins at those distances. 7421 was bred from a pair of pure whites. His sire is third generation down from the imports and his dam is first generation from the imports. This family has flown just as well as my colored birds and has produced a race winner and several top-ten finishers on the club level. This year we had a hen from him that was trained with the other birds out to 93 miles but our club didn't fly a YB season so she never really got tested under race conditions. 7421 will raise whites when mated to a white, but he also raises some nicely mottled red grizzles as well. Price: $50
19. June hatch black pied hen no. 9035. Sex is guaranteed. This is a fairly large pigeon, as were her father and grandfather. She is a g-granddaughter of "Black Rain". The daughter of Black Rain was mated to a very large black cock who placed 1st at 250 miles, 2nd at 190 miles and 3rd at 180 in the 2012 OB season. (I do not have his records for other seasons, since his owner did not fly after 2012.) 9035's mother is an almond (Yes, some rare colors fly just fine.) who flew 100 and 130 as a young bird in 2017 but was then stocked as a yearling. She is still in my breeding loft and is half HVR just like the cock she was mated to at the time. So 9035 would be at least half HVR but is probably more than that since my almond family has a lot of HVR in it. The rest of her background is my Heisenberg Janssens. Price: $75
20. August hatch white grizzle no. 9123, sex unknown. Sire is a race winner. He is aWegge cross that has flown the following: 100 and 180 as a YB, followed by 130, 180 and 180 again as a yearling and 140 and 170 as a 2-year-old. He was first on 180 as a YB and then placed 5th at 180 as a yearling. Dam is a pure white Delbar (long distance family) who flew 100 as a YB but was not flown this year due to an injury. Price: $25
21. August hatch blue bar pencil/WF no. 9124, nestmate to the above, sex also unknown. Sire is a race winner. He is a Wegge cross that has flown the following: 100 and 180 as a YB, followed by 130, 180 and 180 again as a yearling and 140 and 170 as a 2-year-old. He was first on 180 as a YB and then placed 5th at 180 as a yearling. Dam is a pure white Delbar (long distance family) who flew 100 as a YB but was not flown this year due to an injury. Price: $25




Dragoons and Giant Homers


Lot #
Bird Information
Click Thumbnail for larger image
0. Dragoons and American Giant Homers occasionally for sale. When they are available they will be listed in this section. UNFORTUNATELY, THERE WILL BE VERY FEW DRAGOONS AVAILABLE PRIOR TO LATE SUMMMER OF 2020 AFTER I HAVE RAISED A NEW CROP OF YOUNGSTERS AND SORTED THEM OUT. What few I do have available will be posted here at a later date.
1. American Giant Homers: Mated pair consisting of a 2014 faded blue cock no. 327 and a 2016 blue bar hen no. 2482. Used as a breeder the last four years, the cock will be replaced in the breeding loft by his son. He is still every bit as good as a breeder but I have extra cocks in this breed, and he is one that is available. The hen, no. 2482, is large, strong, powerful and has bred for us the past two seasons. Price reduced: $50 for the pair or $25 each separately.

American Giant Homer: 2016 blue bar hen, no. 2218. Large, powerful hen bred by AGHA Master Breeder Joe Braun. We have have bred from her the past two seasons and are quite happy with her young. We would be keeping her another year but have extra Giant Homers, so we can afford to let her go at a very good price. Price: $40
Sale Pending (JC)

3. American Giant Homer: 2016 ash red bar hen no. 2475. Another nice-sized hen that has been in our breeding loft since 2017. She is the mother of one our best breeding hens, an excellent cock that was sold on this site earlier this year, and the grandmother of four very nice 2019 birds, one of which has already been set aside for use as a 2020 breeder. Not quite as large as the Braun hen listed above, but she has an excellent head profile, overall good type and even temperament. Price: $25
4. American Giant Homer: 2018 faded cock no. 2064. Not a huge bird but excellent type, good head and full body like you want in what is supposed to be a utility pigeon. Price: $25



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