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The following birds are available for sale at this time. They are priced so the average person can afford them. So don't pass up some good birds just because they're not priced at several hundred dollars each. If you're at the other end of the financial spectrum, you need to realize that these are pedigreed animals and not street pigeons. The day of the five-dollar pigeon is long gone. They are priced so I can receive some reasonable return on the investment I have made in feed, time caring for them, etc.

What is a pigeon really worth? The value of a pigeon depends on three factors, and you can read about them here.

You will find some rare-colored birds among those listed. It is important to remember that we are a FLYING loft, not a COLOR loft. Our rare colors are required to fly right with the other birds. We sell youngsters that we raise out of our flyers, but we will seldom sell the rare-colored flyers themselves because we will be using them later as breeders.

I am selling pigeons, not paper, but almost all of those listed below have extensive pedigrees. I will provide whatever pedigree information I have on each bird listed. Feel free to email me and request an electronic copy of the pedigree of any bird listed here.

PLEASE NOTE: The last few years have seen significant increases in postal rates. Therefore, if birds are to be shipped to you (shipping to destinations in the USA only), the shipping charge will be as follows: $60 for one bird, $70 for two birds, $90 for 3 or 4 birds, $135 for 5 or 6 birds, and $150 for 7 or 8 birds to cover the cost of postage and a special USPS-approved shipping box. (Larger boxes not only cost more, but they also mean even more weight, hence the major jump in shipping costs as the number of birds increases.) More than 8 birds will require a second box, and shipping on American Giant Homers (when available) will incur a 50% surcharge due to the additional weight of the much larger birds.

Payment can be made via money order (I do not accept personal checks) or you can use Visa or Mastercard by clicking on the Paypal logo below. Paypal is preferred.

If description of bird is underlined, click on it to see a picture. Or you can click on the thumbnail for a larger photo.

You can contact us by clicking here.






























Racing Homers


Lot #
Bird Information
Click Thumbnail for larger image

Here is a late hatch 2017 dark check cock no. 6539 that is wearing a 2016 band. Needless to say, he is unflown, but he is loaded with the genes of "Heisenberg", a big Janssen cock that was by far my best flyer since 2000. 6539 is out of a brother x sister mating, so the inbreeding becomes apparent in the fact that he is a relatively small cock. However, both parents are normal size. Price reduced: $50


2013 black cock bred by my friend Bob Metcalf who has retired from flying. This is a medium-sized cock that is out of a large Houben cross cock that flew extremely well for Bob, winning a race and two other diplomas at the club level. I am keeping the sire for breeding, even though he is a 2008. There is no pedigree available on this pigeon. Price reduced: $25

3. Smokey 2014 black cock bred by Tim Ross. He might be a poor color for a black, but he is a very nice pigeon otherwise - and he has what many of you want: the capacity to raise recessive yellow daughters. When mated to a recessive red hen, half his daughters will be either recessive red or yellow, and half his sons will be recessive red. I have him mated to a recessive red "Hollywood" hen and have raised two yellows, two blacks, a blue bar, and two recessive reds. Tilson and Baldwin on sire's side. Fully pedigreed. Price reduced: $50
4. May hatch blue check cock no. 8332 that carries both cherry (red phase recessive opal) and brown. There is also a 50% chance he carries barless as well, since his mother carries it. Sire is a cherry cock that is down from my recessive opal family of flyers and a brown bar hen that goes back to "The Iceman", a barless ash red cock who was a 300-mile winner and is one of the foundation cocks of my barless family. Price: $35

2014 pied Andalusian cock no. 4083, bred and flown by Bob Metcalf prior to his retirement from the sport. 4083 is a slightly smaller than average cockbird that handles very well and possesses much of what I would look for in a great flyer: tight feathers, solid but buoyant feel in your hand, and that proud, alert attitude seen in so many great flyers. He definitely belongs in someone's breeding loft. No pedigree, but just a great pigeon. Price reduced: $25

6. 2016 white cock no. 6527 bred from flying stock that was basically Delbar plus a few other white families. He was one of my breeding cocks this year but is now available due to the fact that I purchased some additional Delbars and Belgian Whites that are down from long-distance families. He is a strong, robust, and aggressive pigeon and he passes those same characteristics on to his offspring. No pedigree available. Price: $50
7. May hatch yellow check cock no. 8554. Sire is a double grandson of “The Iceman”, a barless ash red winner at 300 miles and the foundation of my “Golden Thunderbird” family. Dam was bred by Doug Harms and is down from the yellow Janssens of Larry Davis, one of which qualified as an AU Champion. Sex is guaranteed. Price reduced: $75
8. August hatch blue bar no. 8340. This is a large pigeon (like his sire) and appears to be a cock but sex is not guaranteed. This pigeon is out of a pair of birds I purchased a few years ago from Rocking G Lofts (Zach Garfield). Sire is down on both sides from the "Garfield Hit Pair", a pair of foundation breeders that were responsible for several winners for Rocking G Loft, including $13000 in the 2006 Highlander One Loft Race. The "Garfield Hit Pair" are responsible for over $50,000 worth of money winners in one loft races over the years. Also in the pedigree you will find mention of "Sure Bet", "Black Widow", and the "Last Chance Hen". Price" $75 
9. May hatch blue check cock no. 8476. If a cock as assumed, then it will carry brown, but the sex is not guaranteed. Sire is dark check brown and a direct son of a barless khaki, therefore also a carrier of the gene for barless. Sire is also a great--grandson of "The Iceman", a 300-mile winner. Dam is out of "The Y2K Cock", a bird that is very heavy in the blood of so many of the Ganus greats and is one of my best breeding cocks. Price: $50
10. August hatch blue bar no. 8577. Sire was bred by Ron Deisher out of 5067.a reduced cock bred by me and a "Creator" hen out of a pair of Ganus birds. Sire is full brother to a bird than won 1st vs 103 birds and 9 lofts in the SKY club of the CJC, also placing 10th combine vs 2304 birds and 167 loft at 200 miles. Dam is a reduced hen bred by me, who is a granddaughter of "Heisenberg" a Janssen cock that was my best flyer since 2000 prior to being taken out by a hawk. If this bird is a cock, which it appears to be, it will carry the gene for reduced and at least half his daughters will be reduced regardless of how he is mated. Price: $35
11. June hatch recessive red no. 8305. Appears to be a hen.. Sire is a Hollywood recessive red out of "Red Baron" and "Holly", that are both off birds directly down from "Hollywood" himself. Dam is a dominant opal/andalusian blue that is a granddaughter of the mother of three outstanding racers, including a race winner and multiple diploma winner. Based on the light color of this pigeon I would guess that she is also opal. This is a large pigeon carrying the genes of several proven families. Full pedigree. Price: $75

2017 red pied cock no. 7002. This is a Huysken/VanRiel that flew 100, 100, and 130 as a young bird. He was removed from the team as a yearling after he was followed through the sputnik by a hawk and refused to enter the sputnik again, always requiring me to to let him in an open door. His nestmate is a multiple diploma winner, including a win at 250 miles. He is a grandson of a cock I purchased on iPigeon from Kripple Kreek Loft (Kirby Harrold), that is a double grandson of "Cinnamon", one of Lou Coletta's truly outstanding breeders. Dam is a out of a a Gary Bosong (Lighthouse Loft) HVR mated to a son of "The Iceman", a 300-mile winner. This bird also carries the genes for dilute (His dam is a yellow bar) and for barless. Price: $100

13.  2017 yellow bar cock no. 7176. This is a nice strong yearling cock that not only looks good but feels great! Sire is out of a "chrome" (ash yellow barless) cock that was flown as a YB and a yellow bar hen that is approximately 3/4 Blue Miracle Janssen. The sire flew twice to 130 miles and scored a 7th place vs 6 lofts and 159 birds on a race that turned out to be a major smash with only 26 birds ever returning, and he was then stocked. The dam of 7176 is a yellow bar hen that goes back to my recessive opal family that has produced several good flyers for me, including "Snake River", a 200-mile winner. 7176 might carry barless but after breeding from him for a season he has produced no barless youngsters. Price: $100
14. Great handling, solid, strong, powerful smokey blue check ("slate") cock no. 8311, out of one of my top breeding pairs. He is a May 2018 hatch, completely moulted and ready to mate. His dam is a dominant opal and she was purchased from Doug Harms via iPigeon. She has raised a race winner and multiple diploma winner as well as two other diploma winners. She is a granddaughter of "The Cowboy", the only dominant opal AU Elite Champion in the US. 8311's sire was purchased from John Beeson (Perfection Loft) in Kansas, and is a full brother to an AU Elite Champion. This should be a great breeding cock for anyone wanting to jump start their stable of breeders. Full pedigree. Price reduced: $75
15. August hatch indigo no. 8170, appears to be a hen. Sire is the last son of "Heisenberg", quite possibly my best flyer ever and the foundation of his own family. This little hen isn't so little right now, since she has been pigging out over the winter, but she will be slim and trim by the time breeding season rolls around. "Heisenberg" was a large BC cock, mostly Janssen with a dash of HVR genes in the mix. 8170's mother is an indigo bar from Bob Moschel, and is a double granddaughter of "Venus", an outstanding hen bred by Gallo Loft. 8170 has a full sister on my current flying team. Full pedigree. Price: $50
16. April hatch almond cock no. 8570 from the YB team. He was trained all season with the young bird team and was out 50 miles several times. Just prior to the first race I noticed that he was drooping his right eyelid and his eye was slightly watery so I treated it with aureomycin ointment. Once the eye was back to normal I took a good look at it and he had lost his vision in that eye, so I immediately removed him from the team. So if you want to name him, just call him the "One-eyed Jack". His sire is an almond that is over 50% HVR, and he flew 5 races out to 180 miles and was in the top 10% on one of them prior to being stocked. Dam is a very nice blue check, Hofkens/Grondeler/VanLoon, that flew out to 300 miles as a young bird and is out of a 600-mile hen. Dam was bred and flown by Steve Jenkins (Dixie-Buckeye) when he lived in Virginia. Two brothers are still on my YB team and a 4th was sent to the MVS auction race. Normally I would ask $150 for such a pigeon, but am offering him at a lower price due to his injury. Fully pedigreed. Price: $75
17. 2012 Andalusian cock no. 2131. This pigeon was bred by my friend Bob Metcalf, who recently retired from the pigeon hobby. 2131 is off Bob's flying team, and he possesses many things I would look for in a great flyer: soft, smooth feather,, solid but buoyant feel in your hand, and that proud attitude that says "Bring it on!" He definitely belongs in someone's breeding loft. No pedigree. Price: $50
18. 2013 blue check splash cock. This pigeon was bred by my friend Bob Metcalf, who recently retired from the pigeon hobby. 3384 is off Bob's flying team, and he possesses everything I would look for in a great flyer: one pin tail, solid but buoyant feel in your hand, and that proud attitude that says "Bring it on!" He definitely belongs in someone's breeding loft. No pedigree. Price reduced: $35
19. July hatch ash red T-pattern (some call it "brick red") HVR no. 8186. It appears to be a hen but sex is not guaranteed. An older sister was sold on this site earlier this year. An older brother is a race winner and multiple diploma winner. Another brother and a sister will be in the breeding loft for 2019. Sire is a son of an indigo cock from Kripple Kreek Loft and is a double grandson of "Cinnamon". Dam, who carries the gene for barless, is a yellow bar granddaughter of "The Iceman", a 300-mile winner and the foundation cock of my "Golden Thunderbird" family. Full pedigree. Price: $50

September hatch blue check, appears to be a hen but sex is not guaranteed. Sire is a race winner and multiple diploma winner. She is half Huysken Van Riel (sire's side) and dam is a barless blue that I bred and flew as a young bird, so this pigeon carries barlessI (Two of her siblings are barless.) Sire has flown five races out to 250(which he won), and dam flew 100 as a young bird. Full pedigree. Price: $50


21. May hatch blue check hen no. 8379. I cannot guarantee sex 100%, but I am about 95% sure it's a hen. AU Registered Champions on both sides of the pedigree. Sire's side is mostly Janssen, dam's side Ganus Janssen and Flor Engels. This is a medium size pigeon that fits in the hand really nicely; she just feels like she would have been a great flyer. Actually she would have been on my YB team for sure had she hatched a month earlier, and still would have made it if my YB loft had not already been full. Full pedigree. Price: $50

Here he is! 2018 Reduced blue cock in barred pattern. AU 2018 WCOF 8324. This is a large pigeon, hatched on May 18. He is sexually mature and ready to mate. Both parents are reduced. His father is aproximately 3/4 Janssen from my "Heisenberg" family and 1/4 Flor Engels from Perfection Loft in Kansas. Dam is also primarily Janssen and is a granddaughter of an AU Registered Champion. Full pedigree. Price is firm at $250.

23. September hatch red grizzle cock no. 8245 (sex guaranteed), bred from my flying team. Sire is a race winner and also won 2nd and 3rd on two other races, all as a yearling after flying just a single 100 as a young bird. Dam is 3/4 Delbar and 1/4 Dworek, both sides down from successful long-distance pigeons. Full pedigree. Price: $50
24. July hatch "near white" no. 8175, appears to be a cock. Pure Delbar out of a pair of birds I purchased from Gus Hernandez last year. Down from "Moby Dick" on both sides, with both parents being grandchildren of "Moby Dick". This is a proven family of long-distance racers, with wins at 500 and 600 miles on the European continent. I would be keeping him for breeding if my numbers weren't so high. My Delbars, whites and grizzles, fly right along with my other colors and have placed near the top of the sheet several times, even winning an occasional race. Priced to sell at about half his true value. Full pedigree. Price: $50
25. June hatch almond cock no. 8348. My almonds fly for me and are not bred simply for color. I currently have 5 almonds on my race team for 2019. Obviously they have survived at least one young bird season and some of the older ones are still flying, although some have been pulled from the team to use for breeding. Like this pigeon, his parents were both late hatches and I was unable to fly them, but he has a brother currently on my race team. Sire is an almond grandson of "Heisenberg", my best flyer so far this century, and an almond hen that flew several races out to 255 miles prior to being pulled for stock. Dam is a full sister to a race winner and two other diploma winners as well. She is out of a full brother to an AU Elite Champion mated to a hen from Grayfox & Harms Loft who is a granddaughter of "The Cowboy", the only dominant opal AU AU Elite Champion in the entire country. Full pedigree. Price: $100




Dragoons and Giant Homers


Lot #
Bird Information
Click Thumbnail for larger image
0. Dragoons and American Giant Homers occasionally for sale. When they are available they will be listed in this section. UNFORTUNATELY, THERE WILL BE NO DRAGOONS AVAILABLE PRIOR TO THE SPRING OF 2019 WHEN I PAIR UP MY BREEDERS.


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