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Fancy Pigeon Sites

Diane Jacky, Pigeon Artist
Pro-Star Loft of Gary Yount
Trabzon Ringbeater
Turkish Tumblers (several different breeds)
Mike Lerp's HomePage
Brian Middaugh's Roller and Gumbinnen Tumbler pages
The Texan Pioneer
Russian Martini and Akkermann Tumbler at Layne's Pigeon Page
Some rare Polish breeds at Layne's Pigeon Page
Guy Koch's Pigeon page
Am. Giant Runt Club page
Indian Fantails at Frank German's Page
Old Dutch Capuchine at Layne's Pigeon Page
English Exhibition Homers, Dragoons, and Carriers at Dan's Pigeon Page
German Beauty Homers
"The Dragoon - Foot Soldier or Flying Serpent?"
Ice Pigeon
Egyptian Swifts at King Tut's Loft
Rare Breeds Pigeon Club

Racing Pigeon Sites

Indianapolis Racing Pigeon Club
Some tips on settling young birds
Mystery Loft of Damon Raze
Ron Deisher's PDQ Racing Lofts
Phil Bateman's Page for Racing Pigeon hobbyists
Dennis Kuhn's Champion White and Black Racing Homers
Cher Ami, WW I Hero
GI Joe, WW II Hero
Pigeons in Combat
Elimar Pigeons, UK



Ectopistes Migratorius, a poem by Joseph W. Quinn
The last passenger pigeon.

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